Hi there! I’m Sarah Day, a creative storyteller and so much more.

My focus is on bringing together data-driven insights and an innovative approach to deliver the right message at the right time.

Throughout my career, I have worked with over 40 brands across numerous industries, including CPG, SaaS, Science, Sustainability, Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, and Entertainment. One time, I even wrote a video game script.


► Led thousands of copywriting projects for clients that delivered real results
► Authored on brand content for digital, print, and social media channels
► Increased email open rates, boosted website traffic, and grew response rates
► Turned analytical insights into data-driven plans to support brand visions

I’ve been called a unicorn, a freaky fast writer, and a collaborative team member.

The truth?

I’m just a persistent individual who enjoys writing and wants to help businesses grow.

Oh, and I love bringing my high energy to the team because work should be fun too!

Areas of Expertise:

Copywriting | Brand Positioning | Content Strategy | Messaging | Storytelling | Team Management | Process Building | Marketing Campaigns | Digital and Social Media | Client Relations | Audience Engagement | Organization | Communication


14 Proven Ways to Optimize Listings for Selling on Walmart.com

A listicle-style blog based on an interview with a subject matter expert. I also turned this content into a downloadable checklist as a lead magnet.

The World’s Largest Frying Pan … Sort Of

A crowd-pleaser that spiked audience engagement on social media and also earned organic search traffic (it’s #2 in Google for “Long Beach frying pan”).

How We’re Shaping The Future Of Sustainable Fashion Today

An editorial-style blog meant to uplift and inspire individuals to take part in sustainable fashion.

Amazon Listings


A sustainable guide to d-eco-rating your space🏠

This subject line really grabbed their audience, and we ended up with an incredible open rate as well as a higher than average CTR.

Coast into spring! 

I maintained an average open rate of 19% for the visitors bureau. I also optimized the design of these newsletters to increase visitor guide requests and CTR (typically 15%+).

Your emotional reality isn’t all in your head 

A strong performer that drove a higher than average open rate and conversions.

Social Media

Organic Content – Fun Engagement Driver
Organic Content – 50+ Profile Visits
Boosted Post – Just $1 Per Day for 21 Days