How can I help?

Hi! I’m Sarah Day, and I have an unstoppable passion for helping socially and environmentally conscious businesses spread their stories and grow their audience through the power of content marketing.

I can help you save time and avoid marketing headaches by coming up with:

  • Irresistible blogs that attract your tribe.
  • A kick-butt content calendar.
  • An organic social media marketing strategy that builds trust.
  • Marketing personas that go deeper than demographics.
  • User-generated content that sings your praises.
  • Email campaigns that people actually click through.

3 Quick Facts About Me

I’m a little silly. Okay… maybe more than a little.

I love picking blueberries with my husband.

This is the biggest bolete I’ve ever found.

Even if you’re not ready to work with me, I’d love to connect and hear from you. Drop me an email at and let me know the biggest thing holding you back. Who knows? I might write a whole blog about it. ❤