3 Things You Need to Figure Out to Create a Successful Organic Content Strategy

Growing any following can be a daunting task, especially when you start from ground zero.

But whether you have thousands of followers or just a few, content marketing isn’t just about the numbers. It’s about winning over the hearts of the people you reach.

This is what keeps them coming back and talking about you. This is what builds trust. This is what turns you into the go-to source for whatever amazing thing you create or do.

It’s what turns your brand into a name people know and trust.

Organic content takes time and hardwork, but you’ll never stop reaping the rewards of creating great content.

Why Organic Content Marketing Matters

Don’t get me wrong. You need a budget for ad-spend.

It’s an important part of expanding your reach. But… paid advertising will only take you so far.

Organic content marketing plants the seeds of long term growth.

This is what keeps fans loyal AFTER they click on your amazing ad.

It’s what gets people clicking that share button, telling their friends about you and seeking you out.

It’s also how you reach the growing number of online consumers who don’t even look twice at sponsored posts and content.

Yeah. Those people. The ones with adblock, the ones who hide ads as soon as they see them, the ones who have seen so many ads that your paid content has become invisible. Or it just makes them want to barf.

And these are the people you want most of all.

They’re the ones who don’t hand over their trust and loyalty easily.
They aren’t impulsive buyers. They research the companies they buy from and the products they choose. But when they find a brand they love, they’ll stick with it for the long haul.

I should know. I’m one of those people. 😉

A strong organic content marketing strategy will grow your tribe and attract some of your loudest, proudest fans.

And the best part?

It only costs your time or whatever you’re willing to spend to have it done for you. Once these assets are created, they’re yours to put out into the world and profit from.

There’s really no reason not to do it.

So let’s get into how to make your content strategy successful. There are really 3 main things you need to know before you ever start writing.

One: Get to Know Your Audience

Don’t treat marketing like a blind date.

The key to creating amazing content is knowing who you want to reach.

I’m not talking about demographics here. People are too diverse and unique and wonderful for your marketing strategy to hinge on age and income levels. We’re going to dig deeper.

Take some time to really think about your dream customer by answering questions like these:

  • Where do they shop?
  • What brands do they love?
  • Who do they admire and listen to?
  • What causes do they care about?
  • What media sources do they trust?
  • What social media channels do they use?
  • What questions do they ask before buying something?

Once you answer these questions, it will be much easier to create content that speaks directly to the right people. Plus, you’ll know exactly where to post this content.

Two: Find Your Brand’s Voice

Now that you know your audience better, this part should be easier.

Developing a voice for your brand is as important as sticking to your brand’s look and feel.

Voice is what sets you apart and breathes life into your content.

It allows people to connect with your content because it feels like you’re directly speaking to them. If you get this down, your dream customers will know what they’re reading was created just for them.

So how do you develop a voice for your brand?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you want to make people feel? Should they feel inspired, empowered, entertained, etc.?
  • How do your dream customers talk? What wording will resonate with them?
  • Do you want to use humor or keep things more serious?
  • What words would you use to define your brand? Sophisticated, cutting edge, wholesome, natural, kick butt, etc.?

Once you start thinking about your audience and how you want them to feel about your brand, you should have a better idea of what your voice will sound like.

Three: Figure Out What Matters to Your Audience

I used to write for a destination marketing organization. We wanted to connect with our visitors. We wanted them to book overnight stays and spend money with local businesses.

But when I started, a lot of our content focused on what locals cared about rather than finding things to do, places to stay and exploring the area.

Once I shifted the focus of our content to meeting the needs of visitors, we started getting more traffic from the right people.

Our blog views started spiking, too.

So how do you know what content will bring in the right people?

Solve their problems. Answer their questions. Tell stories that matter to them.

If you can do this, you will build trust. And trust is what creates fans who talk about you, recommend you and share your stuff.

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I promise you’ll love it. ❤

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