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01. Site Copy


Carbonaut is on a mission: to bring you low carb bread that tastes like it came from the corner bakery. Impossible? Maybe in yesterday’s universe.”

A shelf page for Carbonaut products on The Oven Door DTC website.

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State Parks on Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula

Those with adventurous minds can almost see soldiers waiting for an enemy attack which (thankfully) never arrived.”

A popular content page covering the state parks in Pacific County.

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Don Ramon Tequila Tasting

Well-known for producing best-in-class artisan tequila, Tequila Don Ramón is Mexican owned and based on recipes that have been passed down for over 200 years. All their tequilas are made with 100% Jalisco blue agave and double distilled for a softer, approachable finish.”

Event and ticket page for an exclusive tasting event.

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Tula About Page

Like the town, Tula is about coming together. It exists thanks to the collaborative efforts of many individuals, including talented chefs, artisans, designers, and consultants.”

An about page dedicated to Tula’s story and food.

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02. Blogs

A Beginner’s Guide to Hybrid Work

Employees want more flexibility in where and when they work. Business owners want their employees to feel connected and engaged with their work. Both want to stay safe and healthy.”

A pillar post and first blog in a series aimed at optimizing for search queries related to “hybrid work”, a trending keyword.

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12 Secrets of Southwest Washington’s Pacific County

If you’re ready to get off the beaten path, take notes. These are 12 places most people miss when they visit this corner of Washington.”

An extremely popular blog, this listicle generated significant interest in less-trafficked destinations in the county.

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Why Organic Farming Matters

Modern industrial farming is too often focused on profit and quantity rather than sustainability and producing quality food. To protect our soil, water, air, and biodiversity, organic farmers take extra steps even though it requires more labor and record keeping.”

A pillar post detailing the history and importance of organic farming.

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“Sustainable” Palm Oil: Have We Found Ways To Do Palm Oil Better Yet?

Palm oil is the most versatile (and profitable) vegetable oil on the market. It’s in everything from lipstick to instant noodles. With over 200 names for palm oil, you probably don’t know you’re buying something that contains it.”

A research-heavy, informational piece reviewing the current state of the palm oil industry.

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Webinar Recap: Winning on Walmart Marketplace

Walmart is the #1 retailer in the world and the #2 eCommerce retailer! Between their massive physical footprint and huge audience, there are a lot of reasons to get your brand on their online marketplace.”

A detailed webinar recap discussing how to determined if the Walmart marketplace is right for your brand and how to leverage the marketplace.

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42 Things to Do in Long Beach, WA

There’s something to be said for a cool sea breeze. Revitalize yourself with a walk on the beach. Find some sand dollars or clam shells while you relax on 28 miles of pristine silver sand.”

A listicle style blog that outranks Trip Advisor and took #1 in search for “things to do Long Beach, WA” — a key search phrase for the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau.

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05. Video Scripts

06. Print

DNA Test Kit Booklet

A simple, consumer-facing explanation of the 7 genetic capabilities covered in the Genomind Mental Health Map genetic test.

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Genomind Onboarding Guide

A technical onboarding guide to help clinicians navigate the tools and services within the Genomind clinician portal.

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Pacific County Relocation Packet

A packet of information for those interested in moving to Pacific County or those who have just relocated. Used by recruiters, real estate agents, and the visitors center.

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